August 13, 2015

Nepal still needs our help!

Many people are still struggling with limited shelter, food and water on the trail from Kathmandu to Chitwan in Nepal. Candice and Heath from Happy Farmer Organics, have been involved in and have strong ties emotionally to this beautiful country and its people, through volunteering in 2009 and helping to fund projects to improve the lives of the Nepalese people in the village and city areas. They worked at an orphanage in Kathmandu as well as working for a Nepalese magazine during their six month stay. Since then they have continued to help with development through the setup of a joint venture in Chitwan, with their Nepalese friend Ranjan and his family by starting Happy Farmer Organics.

“Ranjan was in Kathmandu at the time of the quake and was lucky to survive. He was shocked and totally terrified. He slept in a car for fear of after shocks and has also seen first hand the loss of human life from the collapsed buildings”, says Heath.

Every little bit will help with the costs to rebuild Nepal. Here’s how you can make a difference.

Immediate Needs
Water 1 litre bottle – 15-20 rupee or 20-25c Australian cents
Food 1 serve of rice, lentil, vegetable, some meat – 100-150 rupee or $1.50 -$2.00 AUD
First Aid packs & Health care – $30.00 AUD
Sustainable, more permanent help
Water pump – A lot of water outside of Kathmandu is extracted via hand held water pumps attached to the ground. Price to fix approx $50 – $100 AUD

Shelter -Many people’s homes need either repairing or completely re-building.
Water tank 1000 litre – 10,000 rupee or $125.00 AUD
Corrugated iron roofing 30 piece – 22,500 rupee or $282.00 AUD
Wash basin 1 piece – 750 rupee or $9.50 AUD
Cement per bag – 650 rupee or $8.00 AUD
Metal piping for balustrades and roof construct 12 pieces – 13,200 rupee or $165.00 AUD

Total home construction approx $5,000 – $6,000 AUD

To Donate: please go to,

Unicef Nepal Appeal-

Red Cross Appeal –



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