January 19, 2016

One egg; three meals

When poached eggs are this easy to make, why stop at breakfast?
Cracking, cooking and serving hundreds of fresh eggs have, until now, kept the much loved poached egg meal off many cafe and catering menus due to the time and diligence needed in a busy kitchen.
To combat this, the chefs behind one of Australia’s leading egg brands, Sunny Queen Meal Solutions, have turned the classic Homestyle Poached Egg into a contemporary menu item that allows for quick and easy poached eggs to be served perfectly first time, every time.
Sunny Queen Meal Solutions aims to give back time, money and menu inspiration to caterers, cafes and commercial kitchens, with a poached egg that is fully cooked and snap frozen and is ready to serve in minutes.
Sunny Queen Managing Director John O’Hara said their Homestyle Poached Eggs are designed to help kitchens serve up large quantities of consistent quality poached eggs across breakfast, lunch and dinner.
“It’s quite a common misconception that eggs are only suitable for breakfast,” said Mr O’Hara.
“Eggs are a versatile ingredient. By limiting its use to just breakfast, customers are missing out on opportunities throughout the day to benefit from the high protein and 11 vitamins eggs are renowned for.
“We really encourage food service providers to think outside the box when creating meal choices for their customers. By buying one versatile product in bulk, businesses could even find themselves saving and making more money,” he said.
To make it easier for cafes, commercial kitchens and caterers to add poached eggs to their menus, Sunny Queen have developed three delicious recipes that showcase their versatility.
Sunny Queen Meal Solutions suggests the classic Eggs Benedict on split English muffins with salmon or ham and baby spinach will fill hungry bellies at breakfast, and recommends meal providers try Roasted Vegetable Salad with Poached Eggs for a delicious lunch, and Baked Eggs with Mushrooms and Pancetta for a satisfying and substantial dinner.
Home Style Poached Eggs are only available from Sunny Queen Meal Solutions and are suitable for any commercial food provider including quick service restaurants, health and aged care facilities, airlines, contract caterers, workplace cafeterias, schools and more.
Sunny Queen Meal Solutions’ Homestyle Poached Eggs are 100 percent egg with no additives or preservatives, giving caterers and meal service providers full confidence in the products.
For more recipe ideas and to experience the versatility and simplicity of Homestyle Poached Eggs, visit


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