August 25, 2016

Photographic Branding Matters

It always amazes me that people spend thousands of dollars and hours of time setting up their business – they get the right equipment, the right look and the right feel for their café, roastery or product – only to fall over at the critical hurdle of the marketing.

You certainly wouldn’t use instant coffee in your café so why do people think it’s alright to entrust the public image of their business to a smart phone. Don’t get me wrong, smart phones are great for capturing the moment when you are out having dinner or a coffee with friends, but they have their limitations.

When you invest all this time and money in your business you want it to stand out. You want your product to jump off the page!

The best thing to do is to engage a professional photographer that understands coffee and cafes. Someone who knows about lighting, and how to get it right, where to focus, what depth of field is best to get the look you are after, what shutter speed to catch that drip from a cold drip brewer and a camera with the ability to do it.

They need to be able to shoot in low light and still get clarity, enough pixels to get a clear image no matter how large you need it to be blown up. They have to know how to edit, crop and a do thousand other things to make your image and therefore your product stand out from the crowd.

While smart phone images often look good at first glance, they certainly don’t do justice to your quality product. Accidental masterpieces on smart phones seldom occur and even when they do, the image can’t be used in marketing material.

Why don’t you use your smart phone for what it was designed for and give me a call? Do it right once and you will have lasting images that can be used for all your marketing and branding requirements.

Annette Dutton from Annette Dutton Photography – Photography for the Coffee Industry
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