April 2, 2015

Rancilio Classe 11 Xcelsius

A concept never seen before: Grinders Coffee are the exclusive distributors of Rancilio equipment in Australia and they are now extremely excited to introduce the Classe 11 Xcelsius, a new chapter in the history of high quality espresso. with trailblazing and intuitive technology, the Classe 11 will become the new benchmark in extraction performance. Cafe Culture put the machine to the test with three accomplished coffee specialists for some real feedback on this state of THE art machine.



A New Level Of Interaction
Classe 11 smart interface with touchscreen command panel and tempered glass allows the barista intuitive and immediate navigation.  Its functionality was inspired by the latest smartphone and automotive technology, providing the barista great simplicity while maintaining simple operation.
Power To The Barista
Rancilio LAB have equipped the Classe 11 with a unique command console that gives total control to the barista. Patented Xcelsius technology offers the barista the opportunity to explore new flavour possibilities thanks to dynamic temperature profiling throughout the coffee extraction phases.
Nuances of the flavour profile from either a single origin or a coffee blend can be explored with ease; experimenting with different temperature profiles enables the barista to realise multiple flavour possibilities in the cup from a single bag of coffee.
Online & Multimedia Functionality
Live online telemetry is possible using integrated “CONNECT” software and the patented  Rancilio App “SNAP & SHARE”. This interface allows you to establish a direct dialogue with the Classe 11 via precise online monitoring.
Classe 11’s control panel features CAN-BUS technology to ensure lag free touch screen operation while allowing playback of audio and video files. Ideal for promotional and educational media or your favourite music playlist.
Designed To Be Green
The highest level of attention was given to the Classe 11’s energy efficiency, focusing on materials, manufacturing process and ultimately performance. Innovative features such as group head shut down and boiler insulation are results of a continuous development process intended to increase efficiency and environmental sustainability.
Developed With The Barista In Mind
Both external and internal ergonomics were considered when developing the Classe 11. From an easy fit group handle to the ergonomic “C-Lever” steam tap with cool touch steam arm, the Classe 11 was designed with the world class barista in mind.
Developed With The Barista In Mind
Both external and internal ergonomics were considered when developing the Classe 11. From an easy fit group handle to the ergonomic “C-Lever” steam tap with cool touch steam arm, the Classe 11 was designed with the world class barista in mind.

Machine Specs

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 11.57.24 AM




Dimensions    800 x 600 x 540 mm
Steam Boiler capacity    16 L
Steam Boiler power    6000 W
Micro Boiler Power    250 W
Frequency    50/60 Hz
Weight    101 kg
Voltage    220 – 240 V
Power    32 A

The Results

Chie Dahms    Black Milk Clothing Café
Mark Leo    Uncle Joes Coffee
Daylan Isai    Little Birdee

•  The machine looks intuitive and easy to figure out.
•  Futuristic, up to date and fresh and clean.
•  Very soft rounded edges, pleasing to the eye.
•  Very comfortable; I can tell ergonomics have been considered in the design.
•    Comfortable, engaging and intuitive.
•    Easy and fast to set up. Comfortable.
•    Would love to have more time with this machine. It is intuitive and although the technology soundes daunting, it is actually very easy to work with and make changes to extractions etc.
•    I can see the value of the extraction with this new technology applied. It is new for the commercial industry and interesting to see. Very much on the right track in enabling roasters to better control their coffee through the baristas with the ability to adjust parameters according to the product. Excellent tools to keep the quality and consistency of the product delivered to the customers. The machine programme allows for changes for the seasons and also the ability to change remotely to keep consistency.
•    Once you get used to the capabilities of the machine, it is easy for the barista to achieve what they want, easy to check up and easy to customise to suit.
•    Good strong pressure, easy to change settings, intuitive touch screen, fast and responsive.
•    Oh wow! It’s really fast and really good. Up there with the best – great result. Kept looking at the milk and couldn’t believe it. Once you get used to it, you can do whatever you want – so easy.
•    Stable – kept up with the pressure, was fast and fun to use.
•    Performance is excellent under load. Big enough to have multiple people using the machine at the same time, which is what you need in a commercial environment.
A very intuitive machine that enables great control, especially through collaboration between the roaster and the barista. While initially a little daunting, the whole process in using the machine is quite simple. It’s an exciting machine to let your baristas loose on to really learn about the coffee they are using and to get the most from the coffee being served. Cool features, you can even play music and video files from the machine – mind blowing!

for more information please Contact:
Paul O’Brien
National Business Manager – Equipment
M. +61 439 649 917

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