July 7, 2016

Reach your sales potential

More and more people have witnessed the cafe revolution and want a taste of the action, but until now there hasn’t been a formal way of accessing the industry.

The unfortunate reality for keen beans is six out of ten café businesses fail within the first year.
That’s where Café Culture International’s new initiative comes in, a café business comprehensive course promising the full suite of skills for the burgeoning entrepreneur. Teachers with more than 25 years experience will have students completing corporate education units, building business plans, designing menus, completing customer service and human resource training as part of a nationally recognised program.

The one-week course starts in Port Macquarie in August and teaches so much more than making coffee, according to spokeswoman Ivana Agapiou who says the course is a response to the industry’s “recent exponential growth” and aims to give students a comprehensive understanding of the retail café industry and the confidence to open their own successful cafe.

“There’s a definite need out there, and it’s a need that has to be filled with the right training and skills,” she says.

That includes business planning, up skilling in recruitment and property leasing as well as, naturally, barista training for those getting their start or needing to brush up.

It is training that comes courtesy of the model developed by the American Barista and Coffee School, an educational institution that teaches students everything they need to know and more.

“They’ve been highly successful over there by running a good standard model for a number of years,” Ivana says, before explaining that there have been adjustments for the local market.

“In America, cafes tend to specialise either in coffee or food, not both together.  Whereas in Australia, specialty coffee and amazing food go hand in hand in creating an experience for our customers. Our cafes have more and offer more: the sales potential is consistently being extended and that adds to the café’s cash flow and its success.”

Interest in the course has been strong thus far from those wanting to gain certifications in food safety, understanding coffee and the business of café.

While the course gets props for being comprehensive, one of its biggest draw cards is its location, location, location in beautiful Port Macquarie.

“At the moment a lot of people are spending huge amounts of money going to America for training,” Ivana says. “Who wouldn’t prefer to save all that money on international flights and costs by spending a week in Port Macquarie instead?”

As the training happens in downtown Port Macquarie, it’s just a short stroll to the town’s bustling foreshore and stunning beaches. Wander a little further and find yourself immersed in a breathtaking rainforest or among the ruins of the fishing port’s colonial past.

The course doesn’t end after the students finish in Port Macquarie because there will be constant mentor check-ins during the following four weeks.

“Mentors will check on your progress and offer help through those four weeks so you can get the most out of the course,” Ivana says. “That way you can realise your full potential and your business’ full potential”.

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