June 16, 2016

Stop coffee spills for good

Our StixToGo® plugs make the transportation of takeaway coffees fast, safe and secure. And they keep the heat inside the cup where it belongs which is perfect during the colder months because no one wants a lukewarm Flat White.

Delight your customers and make your cafe a standout with StixToGo®. Here is why:

  • Your coffees stay hotter for longer, which means your customers enjoy your excellent coffee to the last drop and will remember you for it.
  • StixToGo® plugs prevent accidental spills and mess. A simple, inexpensive, value-added service to powerfully differentiate your business from competition. Perfect for multi-drink orders (trays), coffee deliveries (great business opportunity), car drivers and busy mums with prams.

Our Pink Ribbon ‘Stir Stix’ proudly support the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s research program. It is a clever plug and a coffee stirrer combined. The product is very light, it is bendable and it works with your 8oz cups. No need to be afraid of margin loss since the product ends up in only 20% of coffees sold on average.

Your customers will love the Pink Ribbon Stir Stix. Promise.

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