November 17, 2014

The Art of Blend: Joining the growing beverage trend

Gourmet and healthy beverages are two movements that are continuing to make waves across the international beverage market. Every year approximately 1000 new beverages are created and tried in the market in hopes of gaining customer attention and adding a competitive edge. The Art of Blend is a range of beverage powders that combine the finest ingredients from Forastero cocoa to Arabica coffee and a secret blend of spices to produce the ultimate gourmet beverage. These new beverage bases have the perfect balance of creaminess; flavour and mouth feel that will impress even the finest palates. Specialty coffees, teas and health plus smoothies have dominated café and coffee shop menus over the past few years as consumers actively continue to seek out the best blend. Offering a range of products, including dairy frappes and spiced chai, The Art of Blend is the perfect starting base to build the ultimate drinking experience for customers.


The Art of Blend range was developed in Australia, by a team of experts with more than 30 years’ experience in the food business. We are 100% committed to providing premium and innovative products. The Art of Blend range is extremely versatile, adding to the appeal amongst the beverage market, with 4 different ways of preparation for the range, such as: Premium Mocha latte can be prepared as a hot beverage, over ice or as a frappe. With just one product base, you are able to add an extra 3 beverages onto your menu


There is a distinct advantage for beverage companies who think out of the box and offer a variety of beverage ranges rather than focus on one sole product. No one drink will make a drastic difference, but a well-chosen combination of beverages can go a long way toward creating a lasting brand image among customers. The Art of Blend offers a range of 7 beverage bases from Original Iced Coffee to Exquisite White Chocolate, all strictly created to ‘design to excite’ customers creating the perfect beverage. The wide range of beverage bases covers aims to drive customer traffic, improve positioning and broaden appeal throughout the market.


It’s a constant seesaw between traditional options and the exotic fruit options, when it comes to beverage flavours. The Art of Blend uses only the finest ingredients to create flavours that properly balance and enhance the overall drinking experience, whether it be for a traditional hot chocolate or a creative yoghurt smoothie. The Art of Blend is the synergy of food and art together, offering the perfect gourmet drinking experience without compromising the quality. We put our heart into our recipes, packaging and endless possibilities, to create a range of beverage bases that provide the finest beverages for customers to enjoy their way.


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