May 31, 2016

The Australian Women in Coffee Association launches in South Australia

The Australian Women in Coffee Association launched on the 29th May 2016. So far the group stands at 7 members and is led by Georgina Lumb, Australian National Aeropress Champion 2016 and Training Manager at Patio Coffee Roasters. All 7 founding members come from different work backgrounds and all contribute different experiences as women currently working within the industry.

The aim of this group coming together is to support and empower fellow women working in coffee, not only through being a support network, but also furthering education and providing opportunities for growth.
They will achieve this through a big social media presence, as is the favoured networking tool of the industry, and also by running a few events throughout the year.

Keep up to date with them through their Facebook and Instagram for further details and how to get involved and/or support the association.



Current SA Members: Amy Schubert, Chanice Parker, Ashley Lyons, Lauren Crago, Isabella Till, Kerrie Olson, Georgina Lumb

Next Event: The next event for Australian Women in Coffee SA will be at the Café Biz Roadshow on Wed 6 July at the Ridley Centre, Adelaide Showground.

The Australian Women in Coffee Association

The Australian Women in Coffee is a not-for-profit organisation and membership is free.
The association is committed to reaching out to women/girls in remote Australia and recognising the great work they do. It is also committed to supporting and mentoring girls and women in less fortunate circumstances.

Our mission is to recognise and support all Australian women in coffee, past and present.

Pictured (left to right) Amy Schubert, Lauren Crago, Georgina Lumb, Ashley Lyons, and Chanice Parker. Not Pictured: Isabella Till, Kerrie Olson


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