April 2, 2015

The Brewover – Crowdfunded

What a success for Simon Lucas (Manna Beans) and Brendan Baxter (Bean Green), creators of the Brewover! Raising well over the required amount to get this product happening, the Kickstarter campaign lasted 60 days and shone plenty of light on this marvellous coffee must-have.

The Brewover is a clever 3 in 1 vessel capturing 3 techniques to produce your favourite cup of coffee.
•    Adjustable pour over and flow rate
•    Cold Drip
•    Cold Brew


There have been a few minor changes to improve the functionality of  the Brewover, such as introducing a new, easier to turn , heat resistant valve; and the brown exterior is now a more appealing, sleeker black. The Brewover will be available for purchase in May, just in time for the World’s Richest Barista Competition and Café Biz, both being held in Brisbane.

Production is well and truly underway but there is still time to pre-order a unit for only $79.95 (40% off RRP) Don’t miss out! 

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