February 12, 2015

The Importance of Versatility in your Beverage Menu

Velvet Dairy Frappe Base

With the continued rise of the beverage market and the popularity around gourmet beverages, it is important that your beverage menu is exciting, creative and versatile. The Art of Blend Velvet Dairy Frappe is a versatile frappe base with a subtle touch of vanilla that when teamed with your popular flavouring syrups or fresh fruit, creates a smooth and creamy Iced Frappe. The Velvet Dairy Frappe base uses the finest ingredients from across the world to create a properly balanced flavour that enhances the overall drinking experience. The flavour options are endless and allow you to ‘design-to-excite’ your customers.

Add excitement to your beverage menu with our Velvet Dairy Frappe base.


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