June 16, 2016

Transforming Demand

Frank Green transforming demand for reusable cups and water bottles.

A young Australian company is taking the coffee world by storm with a range of new products that are transforming the way consumers are enjoying their daily café experience.

frank green’s award winning SmartCup entered the world last year with a bang as a stylish reusable option that doesn’t spill with an in built smart chip that unlocks functionality never seen before in a cup. Not only does it mean the customer can feel better about their impact on the environment, but the SmartCup allows them to simply pay with their cup and be rewarded for doing so.

It took 4 years of research and development for the SmartCup to be launched. Benjamin Young, owner and founder of frank green never wavered in his passion to change the way consumers embraced reusable products.

“We have been overwhelmed by the interest from both consumers and cafés around the world” says Young. “We are seeing a lot of first time reusable cup customers, so we know we are helping grow the entire reusable product category. Every time one of our SmartCups get used, we not only save the environment from a disposable cup but we also save the café over 25c per coffee. That’s one of the best ways a café can fund the costs of payment and loyalty to their business”

“One thing we know is that customers who are engaged or incentivised to use their SmartCup will spend more, and that gives the business greater revenue per customer visit,” Young explains. “You really can engage your customers in entirely new ways when you put technology into a cup. We’ve seen some cafés sell 5 prepaid coffees with each frank green cup and it’s been very effective. We’ve also achieved some amazing results around repeat purchase when we’ve worked closely with cafés to get their brand on the cup”

The SmartCup isn’t frank green’s only invention: in late 2014, the company made a BPA-free, transportable and reusable SmartBottle. The fact the water bottle now sells in more than 30 countries shows customers are willing to embrace innovation.

“Four years ago when people were really starting to have a strong response to the water bottle I thought of frank green,” Young says. “I knew whatever I came up with had to have a really impressive design, plus it had to be functionality led so it could be truly embraced by customers in a mainstream way.”

Young chose the company’s name for its connections to honesty, integrity and environmental protection and sustainability. All that talk of traditional values does not mean, however, that frank green is adrift from the latest style or technology.

frank green works where others have failed by successfully targeting environmental concerns and payment inconvenience. “Pre-order apps are out there already and they are fundamentally flawed,” Young says. “What happens if someone is standing in line to pick up a pre-ordered coffee and they spot a beautiful muffin? They don’t buy it because they’ve already paid for their coffee, so the business misses out on that opportunity. It’s worth thinking about how many times in a day that’s already happening to Australian businesses.”

The convenience of frank green’s payment system works because of the company’s partnership with CaféPay, which keeps transactions cashless and safe.

It means businesses are getting sales that would have otherwise gone begging, Young says.

“People don’t pay for their coffees with cards because of bank fees, so frank green makes sure those people are actually able to get something before leaving the café.”

The partnership with CaféPay means the customer is able to access Australia’s largest point of sales provider.

“It can be used at any CafePay location at any time, with the customer’s digital wallet and loyalty being kept in the one place,” Young explains.

“The customer can donate to charity, use discounts or give a gift to a friend using the cup.”

Almost as important as what the cup can do is where it comes from, with Young ensuring all of frank green’s products are entirely Australian made from design to production.

It’s an ethical choice that Young knows would be backed by his company’s namesake.

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