July 23, 2015

Trinity ONE: The future of coffee brewing?

Mark Folker’s coffee brewing invention, the Trinity ONE, was recently funded on Kickstarter, and is now heading for production.

Based in Brisbane, Mark developed the Trinity ONE concept from scratch, and managed to raise $106,528 AUD on Kickstarter to propel his brewer from prototype-to-product.

His next prototype is now just weeks away, and Mark plans to commence the factory set up in the coming months and will engage suppliers to manufacture the first production run before the end of the year.

Combining a number of popular brewing methods for specialty coffee – including pour over, air pressure, and cold brew – the Trinity ONE stirs up the traditional scene, and offers some additional brewing functionality that does not currently exist on other devices. It is also presented in a stunning stainless steel and black walnut timber finish.

The most distinctive features of the Trinity ONE include functioning as an automatic coffee press via a weighted press cylinder, a filter head and flow controller, and the ability to combine pour over and press techniques for ‘concurrent’ brewing.

“The Trinity ONE allows a higher level of consistency and control when compared to other coffee makers on the market”, said Mark. “It has been designed from day one to enhance the expression of the unique characteristics and regions of single origin coffee.”

“It is also modular in design, to allow the user to customise appearance and easily maintain. It is intended to last the long haul and will feature on any bench as a brewing appliance, not something to be hidden away.”

Anyone interested in the Trinity ONE will be able to pre-order via in the near future, or can follow Trinity Coffee Company on Instagram (@trinity_coffee), Twitter (TheTrinityONE) and Facebook.




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