July 9, 2015

Winter flavour give away

As part of the Beverage Mix for Profit Master class held @ Café Biz in Brisbane, Alchemy founder Michael Bishop presented an entertaining conversation about how flavour can turn into café gold.

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If you missed Michael’s talk, here is a little snapshot:
It’s so simple to transform your café offerings during these colder months, by adding a touch of flavour to your menu choices.


By breaking down the way you serve your hot chocolates, you can give your customers a way to experience your standard menu items in a completely new way. Just serve your favourite melted chocolate drink with splash of flavour, marshmallows and cream as side dishes. Arranged beautifully on a platter or tray, with a garnish for effect, is a perfect way of dressing up your dish to delight your regulars and draw in a whole new crowd.

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Deconstructed Turkish Delight Hot Chocolate
Imagine a delicious Hot Chocolate with a twist of Turkish Delight, served in a small shot glass just for you! Set along side a dollop of thick cream and fluffy marshmallows, you will have the perfect winter experience of the season!
8 oz cup:
Choc Sauce: 30ml
Steamed milk: 180ml
Turkish Delight: 15ml
Mix the Choc sauce and Steamed milk in a cup. Measure the Turkish Delight into a small glass. Present on a small tray or platter with Marshmallows and Cream served in separate bowls for your customers to add in.
Or try our other sensational Hot Chocolate flavours:
Choc Orange
Chili + Spice
Coconut or

Not only do we create premium Australian made, flavoured syrups for coffees, we have the perfect ingredients to “flavour up” your hot chocolates, sensationalise your hot milk steamers, charm your chai drinkers, and dazzle with delicious iced drinks and fabulous frappe mixes to delight one and all, Alchemy is Gluten Free, with no artificial colours or flavours.

To experience our full flavoured adventure just visit:
t. 07 3488 2335
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