Golden Bean

October 3, 2014

Sky’s The Limit Competition

Fundraising 4 Cass

Attention Roasters: In keeping with this years aviation theme, South American Bean will be bringing with them a glider competition with top prizes to be won at the Golden Bean Awards Presentation Night.

Along with all of the energy and personality that the SAB team bring to our events in spades, they have also shown great compassion by using this competition to raise money for the Sony Foundation You Can youth cancer program – Joe and Gloria Nascimento of Global Coffee, lost their beautiful daughter Cass in her fight with brain cancer. I think we were all sad to hear this terrible news and hopefully the coffee roasters of Australia can join in SAB’s effort to raise money on behalf of Cass’s Foundation.

It will cost a mere $20 dollars to obtain your license to fly your hand-held glider and hit a coffee cup on our self made runway.  Join us at the Awards Presentation Night, Saturday 11th, where there will be plenty of fun  and prizes up for grabs.

See our story on Cass in the latest issue of Cafe Culture Magazine (issue #37): You Can Walk 4 Cass


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