Golden Bean

September 19, 2014

The reality of creating a strong coffee industry! Golden Bean Update

Sean Edwards – Head Bean

Recently, after filling out an application for a local business award the penny dropped on how the contribution from a small communication business like Café Culture International has changed the world market in coffee and café culture.

One of our major achievements as a communications company was to set up the Golden Bean Coffee Roasters Competition and Conference now in its 9th year.

Here was an industry without a national awards process for a business space that was looking at a turnover of four billion dollars revenue in 2005. The wine industry had lots of awards in each region and state and celebrated national champions well no one however was awarding our greats in this equally popular industry segment.

The task was to bring to an industry a transparent awards system that would also become an education space for roasters and also allow the industry to judge their peers in neutral and supportive surrounds.

The Golden Bean Competition has grown considerably and is now by far the world’s largest roasting competition, judging over 1500 coffees from over 300 national coffee roasters from an industry that in 2014 is worth over 13 billion dollars.

The award has grown to 12 categories giving opportunities for coffee roasters to design their coffees for the specific brewing styles and cup applications. We have been all about rewarding the skill of the roaster who is normally involved in the whole manufacturing process from bean procurement, roasting, blending and cupping. The overall winner is the coffee roaster that scores the highest in both areas of espresso and milk based coffees becoming the crowned roaster.

The transparent judging system that this event is famous for, sees accredited industry representatives who are attending the event become the judges. Delegates are broken into teams to judge each nominated category by taste only. The coffees are presented by a team of national baristas and brewing champions that have been well briefed by their team captains. This year’s Compak Golden Bean head judge is Anne Cooper and Tim Adams a world barista competitor is the head barista judge.

The most important part of the whole Golden Bean event is the educating and networking of attendees. We always strive to bring leading world players from the coffee world to the event, value adding the knowledge transfer during the week. This competition is an amazing source of knowledge for all levels of roasting skills as we have presentations from experts from America, India, Korea, and China and of course our own homegrown business leaders.

Attending delegates are encouraged to be part of all the seminars that are fitted in between judging sessions.

Now my request as the organiser!

Please assist us by sending back your delegate registrations ASAP. We know many of you are coming however we need to receive your forms in order to finalise the logistics to ensure a smooth running of the event. Do you want a t-shirt? Then send us your forms – NOW!

Please support the industry that supports you and take the time to fill in the documents. I will admit I do start to panic like most event organisers when things are left to the final moments and this is happened over the last 10 years of the competition making not only judging difficult but also a great social outings hard to book down.

We run a fantastic action packed event and we encourage all our delegates to part of the coffee judging process.

Thank you for your support. I can’t wait to meet you all in our wonderful coastal town of Port Macquarie. Another tip – why not take the opportunity to bring your family for a small holiday break and let them enjoy our beautiful beaches and experience our great lifestyle here in Port Macquarie.

Like all competitions its about finding a winner – if you start to invest in your companies future attending educational events like the Compak Golden Bean then you will be the winner in your business.








Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact one of the team at Cafe Culture (02) 6583 7163 or


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