June 1, 2012

Ian Bersten – 2011 Hall of Fame Inductee









The Cafetto Coffee Roaster Hall of Fame Award, recognises those who have made a significant lifetime contribution to the coffee industry.

The award is presented annually at the Golden Bean event, this year held at Caloundra in Queensland, Australia.

The 2011/2012 inaugural inductee to the Cafetto Hall of Fame is Ian Bersten.

“I first met Ian back in 2005, when I attended my first Host Exhibition in Milan, Italy. Cafetto had only been in existence for 12 months, and I was in awe of the people and companies I saw in Milan. While visiting the SCAE booth at the exhibition, I saw a man talking with an Australian accent and wearing a wonderful coffee bean tie (I then bought one myself!) That man was Ian Bersten. It was a joy then to meet this icon of the coffee industry, and it is my pleasure six years later to acknowledge his contribution over a lifetime to our industry. I welcome Ian to the Cafetto Roaster Hall of Fame.”– Chris Short.

Ian Bersten started roasting coffee in Roseville in 1968 and opened a Viennese style coffee shop in Lindfield in the 1980s, replete with grand piano and rich cakes. He was the first of the Australian born enthusiasts to start roasting coffee and make gelato. Being able to speak Italian, he was able to speak to the roasting gods and learn directly the secrets of coffee.

He started the Belaroma Coffee brand in 1968 and recently sold it. He has no connection with the business now. He has written four books about coffee and tea and has invented a four minute coffee roaster and a new way to make filtered coffee.

His first book, Coffee Floats Tea Sinks, is an iconic book about the evolution of coffee equipment and is still available.
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