Golden Bean

December 10, 2013

Espresso Category Winner – Code Black Coffee

Code Black Coffee is a dedicated specialty coffee roastery in the heart of Brunswick, Victoria which has only been operating since February of this year.

The seasonal espresso blend that has taken out this year’s champion espresso category is just as the name says: a blend that rotates with the seasons, meaning the coffees used in the blend are fresh, vibrant and tasting as close to how the producers wanted them to taste … how all coffee should be.

The seasonal blend is composed of a 50-50 mix of Kenya Wakulima, and Guatemala Los Caballitos. Code Black Coffee has spent time with producer Christian Schaps in Guatemala, visiting the farm in the El Quiche highlands twice this year.

Code Black Coffee looks to set up sustainable relationships with a majority of producers they use in every aspect of coffee from single origins to blends.

The seasonal blend went through no special treatment for the Natvia Golden Bean competition; what the judges tasted is what the customers will get.

Code Black Coffee was built around the idea of transparency between roaster and customer, with the roast facility being easily viewed by the customers from the café side of the Brunswick roastery. Each new seasonal blend that comes out will be released with a post card that fully divulges all the information that customers need to create the same coffee experience they have at the Code Black Café, including brew ratios and methods used to create the tasting notes on the card, farm information and producer names.
Code Black Coffee always looks to push the boundaries of progress ever forward, ensuring customers always have the most up to date coffee techniques and the newest ideas on how to prepare an excellent coffee each and every time.

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