Golden Bean

December 10, 2013

Organic Category Winner – Nat’s Coffee

This is the story of Byron Organic plantation. Three years ago I decided I wanted to create this amazing organically grown coffee on a certified organic farm just near the beautiful town of Byron Bay. So, over the last few years I have been experimenting with different harvesting methods and times and different processing methods to get this coffee to become as amazing as it should and could be. Each year I have been entering it into the Golden Bean competition, and it started with no medals, then a bronze and a silver, and then finally this year I had a great feeling it was going to be good and when I cupped it, there was no doubt to me I was definitely going to enter it. On presentation night I held my breath … that little 500 g sample did me very proud when it received the gold. I think it was probably my proudest moment, even over previously winning the Golden Bean in 2007, as I had managed every single part of the processing with this coffee and it is like my little baby. And now and for a long time into the future, I hope to be donating a 25 kg bag of this green bean to the Golden Bean to give away to an Australian roaster each year.

Nat’s Coffee has been operating for 15 years, since Nat Byron started it while in high school. In addition to this, Nat’s new brand, La savoir, has been available for the last 12 months, providing some of the most exotic coffees from around the world. At Nat’s Coffee we provide everything needed for cafés to be successful and to give themselves a marketing edge. Fully accredited barista training for your staff, one on one latte art training for the cafés that want their baristas to be just that bit better. We also supply all types of equipment and full service requirements.

Cafés using Nat’s Coffee or La Savoir will also have access to use Byron Organic Plantation (BOP) coffee beans as a alternative coffee in their café.

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