Golden Bean

December 10, 2013

Home Roaster Milk Category Winner – Tiana Freeman

Hi, my name is Tiana, and I am eight years old. I only just learnt how to roast coffee. I didn’t really know how to roast coffee, but then Dad taught me the basics, and I took it from there.

At the start it was a little hard, but I learnt it all pretty quickly. I picked the coffees and weighed them out on the scales. I put 350 g of each into 4 bags and put one in the roaster drum. Then I sat down in front of my roaster and watched the beans going around and listened for the first crack, I pushed the + on the machine when it started cracking until the clock said 2:30, then when the clock stopped, I opened the door and let the hot air come out and my coffee was done.
The coffee I used was Sulawesi Blue and Vanuatu Tanna Island.

I picked the Sulawesi Blue, because I asked Dad if it was a strong coffee, and he said, “Yes”. I picked Vanuatu Tanna Island, because Tanna sounds like Tiana. The one that I won the gold medal with was Sulawesi Blue, and I came third with Tanna Tiana.

The reason I entered was so I could try and beat my brother, Zed … and I did. Yippee!
Zed still got 2 silver medals, but I am very proud of myself.

I do not drink coffee, but dad does, and I still think my coffee is better than his!

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