November 10, 2014

Inspire, Innovate, Grow

Firstly, we’ll see two of our past Sandwichship Champions, Laura Neville and Mal Gill, go head-to-head in a Champion Vs Champion format at Fine Food Melbourne. This unique event is sure to generate some amazing new sandwich ideas from two of Australia’s most innovative and passionate food-to-go professionals, and all in the name of raising money for their chosen charities!
Also at Fine Food Melbourne, Jack Brennan from Food Associates and I will be presenting three half-hour seminars on International Food-To-Go Innovation Trends from the leading markets of New York and London. These seminars will be focusing on the main flavour trends from each market and will discuss how these trends can be practically implemented into any Australian casual dining business. Again, our objective here is to generate new ideas and thinking into the Australian market at a grass-roots level.
The Association will also be dabbling quite significantly in the world of burgers in the coming months, through two new “burger initiatives”.
Firstly, we are holding our inaugural National Burgership through approximately 50 hotels throughout Australia. From Cairns to Hobart (literally!) hotel chefs are hard at it creating the next big burger idea! And with the prize being a spot on Passageway’s 2015 Gastropub Tour of London, the competition promises to be creative and fierce. So stay tuned for an up-date on this exciting initiative next edition.
In conjunction with the National Burgership event, we’re also conducting a series of Food-To-Go & Gastropub MasterClasses to major hotel chains and facilities managers throughout Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns and Hobart. As with all of our events, the objective here is to deliver practical food innovation into these businesses, so as to further spark and inspire new thinking around the food they create and serve.
Growth through innovation, that’s the key, and that’s what we’re continuing to reinforce and deliver throughout our program.
Exciting times ahead!
Graeme McCormack, Director

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