Golden Bean

June 27, 2014

International Speaker – Bruce Milletto

President: Bellissimo Coffee Advisors and the American Barista & Coffee School

Bruce Milletto Speakers Session:

The State of The American Specialty Coffee Industry and Why Portland Oregon is the Epicenter
Bruce’s talk will encompass where and how the specialty coffee movement started in America 20 years ago and where we find the industry today in 2014.
He will also explain the impact and changes in retail coffee – what has commonly been coined “Third Wave Coffee”  – and how it has been essential for roasting companies and retailers to keep up with new widespread techniques, brewing standards and overall improvements to the coffee experience both in the cup as well as the ambience of the experience that customers in the U.S. market now expect.

Bruce Milletto Bio:

Bruce Milletto is a pioneer in coffee education and has spent the last 25 years dedicating his life to the growth of the specialty coffee industry. He founded Bellissimo Coffee Advisors and the American Barista & Coffee School and speaks around the world about coffee trends and retail marketing.
Bruce is recognised by the press and the coffee industry internationally as the voice of the specialty coffee industry. He has been interviewed by, or quoted in, dozens of industry leading publications, including Forbes, Time Magazine and the New York Times. The Specialty Coffee Association of America [SCAA] named Bruce Milletto one of its 20 “Coffee Luminaries,” and he appeared in Gourmet Retailer’s 25th anniversary issue on the list of the 25 individuals who helped shape the specialty coffee industry.



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