December 4, 2013

Point of Difference

Differentiate from the competition and retain customers

During the spring of 1993, a Sydney chef called Hank became Hank’s Jam…well, not literally of course, but that’s when Hank started making his own Rich Orange Marmalade for a handful of breakfast regulars at inner city restaurants and cafés.
Word of this tasty new marmalade spread quickly among the early morning café hipsters, and Hank soon found his kitchen bursting with fresh oranges. Carefully reducing huge pans of marmalade on his kitchen stove, Hank bottled it all himself and then sold jars of Rich Marmalade from out of the back of his old Kombi van to cafés and restaurants all over Sydney. It wasn’t long before his loyal band of Hanksters were asking for different varieties, flavours and jams.
From these humble beginnings, the phenomenon that is Hank’s Jam was born.
They have a bigger kitchen now on Sydney’s stunning Northern Beaches, and the team of dedicated and enthusiastic “jamsters” continue to produce the range true to Hank’s traditional slow reduction and hot filling method, that eliminates the need for artificial additives and preservatives.
Hank’s Kitchen has become a whole new business just by creating a point of difference in their product offerings for cafés and restaurants. With so much competition, cafés now need to look at every angle to differentiate themselves from the others, to grow revenue, and most importantly, retain customers.
According to Café Pulse Research 2013, the biggest café opportunity is food – 76%.
So why not combine the biggest revenue opportunity with some tasty solutions that can help differentiate you from your competitors!

Simple Food that Tastes Great
Great food doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming to put together, and using the right ingredients is a must. Here are some great serving suggestions for busy café owners.
In its simplest form – Toast and Jam.
But jams are not merely jams. Hank’s consistent quality has been sustained, whilst its reputation has steadily grown. Serving quality food maximises customers’ enjoyment and experience in cafés and brings them back for more. Try Hank’s Triple Berry or Orange and Lime Marmalade – great with sourdough.
Yogurt & Muesli – toasted muesli, thick Greek yogurt and a dollop of Hank’s Pawpaw Lime and Passionfruit.
Pancakes and Pikelets – Hank’s Pear and Vanilla jam with pikelets.
Poached Eggs – Hank’s Chilli Jam
Mini Toasted Baguette – spread with goat’s cheese and a dollop of chilli jam and a thin slice of red capsicum and chive atop.
Lunch or Dinner
Using Hank’s chutneys is a perfect way to enhance flavours of cheeses, meats and gourmet sandwiches and focaccias.
Why not try some of these suggestions.
Cheese Plate – ripe fresh figs with small pot of Hank’s Fig and Ginger.
Ploughman’s Lunch – hunks of cheese and a wedge of bread with Hank’s Ploughman’s Chutney.
Grilled Focaccia – ham off the bone with grilled eggplant and veggies, Hank’s Tomato Chutney.
Rare Roast Beef Sandwich – with Hank’s Onion Marmalade or Hank’s 4 Lamb – Apple, Fig, Rosemary and Mint condiment.
And as we head towards Christmas:
Cold Ham or Turkey, cheese and sandwich fillings with Hank’s 4 Ham condiment or Hank’s 4 Turkey – Cranberry and Orange Jelly.
It’s been 20 years since Hank sold marmalade out of the back of his Kombi; now Hank’s is available around Australia.

Find out more about the complete Hank’s range of jams, condiments and chutneys by visiting   or call +61 2 9905 9554.

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