Golden Bean

December 10, 2013

Decaf Category Winner – Fiori

FiORi Coffee is an artisan roastery based in Perth which, after 7 years of operation, has become a well-established name in Western Australia. The business began roasting in West Perth in mid-2006 and has gone through a couple of relocations already as it has grown in popularity. The business moved to larger premises in Osborne Park in mid-2009 and again to the grounds of Oakover Winery in Middle Swan, where they were happy to swap the hustle and bustle of a busy industrial estate for the picturesque Swan Valley in September 2012.

Currently in his fifth year with FiORi Coffee, Head Roaster Dan Ainslie said, “The move to the Valley has really allowed us to embrace our artisan values. The roasting process is slow and done in small batches to bring out the unique characteristics of each bean, then blended and packed by hand.

“We really baby our coffee through each roast, steadily and gently roasting each varietal to its optimum. There is no reliance on unnecessary electronics and gadgetry; it’s basically down to myself and fellow Roaster Eamonn O’Reilly, our skills and instincts, the quality of coffee on hand and our vintage Probat.

“Through repetition, attention to detail and intuitive roasting, we are able to consistently achieve and reproduce our desired results, ensuring each bean expresses its unique characters and flavour profiles.”

FiORi’s gold medal coffee this year is their Organic Mexican “Mountain Water” Decaf, now one of their biggest selling single origins, offering clean sweet fruit spices, chocolate, nut and caramel sugars.

“Poor decaf gets a rough ride in general perception to be honest, but hey … decaf drinkers are people too! The bean has already undergone such a trauma in the decaffeination process. It can be easily ruined through over-enthusiasm. It is so important to treat it, and its drinkers, with the respect it deserves. We really take great care, attention and pride in roasting our decaf, as we do all our coffees, but even more so with this one, delivering a quality alternative to caffeinated coffee.”

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