Golden Bean

December 10, 2013

Syphon Category Winner – Veneziano

Veneziano Coffee Roasters are no strangers to the Natvia Golden Bean Roaster Competition awards, having entered and won medals almost every year since its inception in 2006.
With roasting operations in Melbourne and Brisbane, Veneziano proudly supplies over 500 of Australia’s most progressive cafés. Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne are hosts to First Pour cafés – showrooms and playground of champion baristas, complete with facilities for professional coffee training and education.
Veneziano’s experienced roast team includes: Jen Marks, Jack Allisey (Q Cupper) and Patrick Connolly. Origin visits, regular on-site calibration cuppings and preparation of special microlots are just a normal part of their quest to continuously produce amazing coffee. Managing Director Craig Dickson is one of Australia’s most experienced coffee judges at national and international level.

Gold medal-winning blend:
Ethiopia Sidamo Guji Berta
– mixed heirloom varietal processed natural; fully ripe red and purple cherries are freshly handpicked and sundried with the pulp on, altitude 1,700 – 1,900 m.
Roast profile: filter.
This beautiful coffee is grown in the fertile soils around the Berta mill in Kercha, South Oromia. In the mill’s 11 year existence, the owners and workers have been continuously improving their coffee quality. The mill buys from 500 neighbouring small-scale growers. Each small-scale grower owns 1-2 hectares of land and grows coffee as a cash crop.
This coffee is a natural process, sun-dried with the pulp left on. Only fully ripe cherries are handpicked and fresh ripe red and purple are sun-dried on African drying beds without any pulping or washing. Once the coffee has reached the optimum moisture level, the coffee is then rested. The coffee is then pulped, graded, picked by hand and bagged up, ready for shipping.
Cupping notes: a delicate floral aroma with hints of jasmine, honey and ripe berries. A balanced acidity and velvet body rounds out this coffee perfectly.

Veneziano’s blends:
• Forza
• Estate
• Bella Vita
• Pure
(100% certified organic and Fair Trade coffee)

Seasonal, limited edition or single release coffees:
• Competition blends
(created by competing baristas)
• Bond Street seasonal blend
(finest current season’s crops, released four times a year)
• Single origin microlot coffees
• Filter roast profile
(created from select microlots)

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