August 9, 2017

Adore Estate Coffee – Are your beans clean?

Throughout the coffee industry there has been a big shift in focus across many aspects of the coffee making process. One of these shifts specifically looks at the green bean sourcing, but something that has been (pun not intended) over looked is the question of, How clean are my green beans?

The washing process of coffee cherries on the farm is usually the only time most green coffee beans will be cleaned before roasting. Here at Adore Estate Coffee, we questioned this and took initiative to become one of the only coffee roasters in Australia to thoroughly clean the green beans we were buying.

Our roasting process begins at our green bean cleaning facility, this includes a triple cleaning process for the beans. It starts off by loading the green beans into the hopper where the beans are first run through a high powered magnetic sieve that removes all metal shrapnel from the batch. (See below image).

The next two steps are the defects sieve and de-duster. The sieve process ensures only the highest quality beans are moved to the next stage in roasting, removing smaller defected beans and small pebbles. The de-duster uses high pressure suction technology to remove all the dust and contaminants from the green beans, leaving them as clean as possible for roasting.

Contamination removed from the green bean batch.

Our beans are then moved into our contamination-free green bean silos where they await to be roasted. We continue the our strict cleanliness regime throughout the entire roasting process, as the beans are moved via air suction to the roaster and so on until they are packed and ready for our customers. Creating Australia’s purest and cleanest coffee.

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