Golden Bean

January 25, 2017

Ambrose Coffee

Ambrose coffee is a coffee roastery located at Woodville in NSW Hunter Valley. We source our premium grade Arabica coffee beans from well-known coffee growing regions around the world and participate in the industry fair trade initiative.

We believe great tasting coffee starts with a foundation of freshness. Our commitment to deliver the freshest roasted coffee is reflected in our commitment to roast to order. All of our freshly roasted coffee is allowed time for the coffee beans to rest, breathe and fully develop their flavours. Our growth has been solely fuelled by Ambrose Coffee loyal customer repeat orders and word of mouth.

Winning a bronze medal in the Golden Bean competition validates that we are on the right path in delivering fresh, flavoursome coffee to our customers. We are honoured our coffee has been recognised by this prestigious event and look forward to receiving the judges’ notes, so we can further improve our blends.


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