Golden Bean

October 15, 2015

Bean, Head Bean

Compak Golden Bean 2015

Newcastle Jockey Club 11-14 November

This year’s Golden Bean will be hosted in Newcastle, the port city of the Hunter Valley. Newcastle is a vibrant coastal city with direct flights from Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. We chose this location because of the accessibility for our delegates either by air or an easy two-hour drive from Sydney.

This year we expect a large attendance as the event has grown to be the largest coffee roasters competition and awards in the world and this year is even bigger with the completion of the North American version in Portland in September, which was a huge success. Last year we had over 1200 entries and we expect more this year as the competition grows. This event is designed to give coffee roasters an avenue to showcase their skills and help promote themselves to the national market.


The entry bags have been posted to coffee roasters all over Australia and we are starting to receive a steady flow of entry forms back from coffee businesses attending the event as a delegate/judge and also coffee roasters entering their beans in one of the 12 categories.


The Golden Bean team has worked hard over the last years to solidify the judging criteria and we will continue with the weigh in weigh out strategy in our engine room around the espresso bases using a 1:2 ratio of solids to liquid. We used this methodology in the USA also and it created clear guidelines for extractions. Our Head Judge, Anne Cooper will again be taking the event into the next level with her experience of being head judge at our North American competition where roasters are particular in details.

We have an excellent line up of industry professional speaking on a wide range of topics that are current and of interest to coffee roasters. We have linked the skills of famous Hunter wine maker David Hook to share comparisons of his industry with the coffee business and chair a group workshop session.

This year’s social events will include Hunter wine tasting, Brewhouse night, Go-Karting, and our awards night is a James Bond theme. We will expect all the stately gentleman to dress for the occasion to impress the femme fatales dangerously cruising the dance floor. James Bond was a coffee lover as he showed in the 1973 film “Live and Let Die” where he showed “M” his skill on the La Pavoni Lever pulling a shot.

Roasters, it’s time to send your entry forms back and book in as a delegate. Hotels are booking fast so don’t miss out in being a part of your industry event. The website has full booking details and info on Newcastle and surrounds.

Looking forward to a great competition.

Sean Edwards
Head Bean


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