Golden Bean

January 12, 2017

Blynzz wins with “Happy”

Blynzz Coffee Roasters are very proud of their efforts in winning a bronze medal in the Milk Based category. This win means Blynzz Coffee Roasters have won awards for the past five years straight at the Australian Golden Bean Competition. This is a mighty result for a small batch roasted based in Beechworth regional Victoria.

Whilst small in size, Blynzz focus on producing full body coffees that have the ability to cut through milk and create a favourable lasting impression. The team at Blynzz Coffee Roasters is very hands on to ensure that each batch receives customised attention, and this approach also extends to the cafés who use their coffee. Blynzz Coffee Roasters believe their success can only be brought about through the success of their partnering cafés. Blynzz Coffee Roasters are passionate about coffee and the search for new and exciting flavour profiles. This is evident by their focus on a changing list of single origin coffees.

Blynzz Coffee Roasters are very “Happy” with the result.

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