July 19, 2017

Brewtown – Newtown

To make great coffee with no constraints.

The team that Simon Triggs assembled for his venture in Newtown looked around at the Australian coffee world and saw two models – corporate roasters, and young, passionate roasters looking to push boundaries, but lacking resources and experience.
Simon and his Master Chief Roaster, Luke McSweeney (who has more than 15 years’ experience in roasting, blend development and QA, and is extremely well known and respected within the industry), Roger Smith, one of the founders of Toby’s Estate, and Matthew Johnson, wholesale account manager – suspected there was a middle ground. Simon believed that a small, agile roaster could use cutting edge roasting and brewing techniques and temper them with experience, and a deeper knowledge of what coffee lovers actually like.
Using a combined half-century of industry connections, Brewtown’s green bean buyer Bill Ballard sources the finest green beans available, often selected on the farm at harvest. After two years of operating – roasting, testing, brewing, revising, and roasting again – the Brewtown range has been finalised and is currently available in-house, retail, and wholesale.
For lovers of traditional milk-based coffees, the Metropolis Blend offers a round, full-bodied espresso with a twist. While depth and punch come from a Sumatra Aceh, fruit, sparkle and a unique, silky mouthfeel come from a natural process Panama Geisha. From Finca Santa Teresa in Volcan, this Geisha was grown on the Summer Farm at 1,500 metres above sea level.
For cafés with a more contemporary focus, Casablanca is a complex, tightly structured blend of natural process Panama Caturra, also from Finca Santa Teresa, Colombia and Sumatra. Cocoa, nougat, malt and blueberry notes give Casablanca good presence in milk and a delicate acidity and nuanced sweetness as a black coffee.
Also on offer are a selection of seasonal single origin options. These are available as either filter or espresso roast and rotate monthly.

Matthew Johnson, Simon Triggs, Roger Smith

Brewtown is officially moving into wholesale with these new blends and origin offerings and is roasting at its iconic heritage building/café at 6 O’Connell St., Newtown, so give them a call on 0438 833 246;
email: or just drop by.

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