Golden Bean

January 25, 2017

Bricks & Mortar Coffee Co.

At Bricks & Mortar Coffee Co our passion for delicious coffee is present in every bean we roast.

Sourcing the finest Arabica greens from the world’s best coffee growing regions, we roast with the care and attention that excellent coffee deserves. We strive to find that fine balance between science and art to extract the best flavours from each unique variety of bean. We want to share our love of coffee with businesses and individuals alike, so we’ve developed roasted blends and coffee solutions for the home, the office, the café and everything in between.

There’s no reason anyone should drink average coffee, and it’s our mission to share our knowledge and passion to help you serve the best coffee possible. This dedication to our craft takes us beyond roasting award winning coffee; helping people on their own coffee journey to creating that perfect cup is what we’re all about.


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