August 14, 2013

BRITA Vivreau Bottler – The Alternative To Pre-Bottled Water

BRITA Vivreau Bottler and designer bottles are leading the way in providing an environmental alternative to pre-bottled water. The high performance BRITA Vivreau Icebank and Instant Sparkling technology allows you to dispense unlimited quantities of filtered, chilled still and sparkling water into exclusive, reusable designer bottles, eliminating regular deliveries of pre-bottled mineral waters  as well as the disposal of empty bottles and packaging.

BRITA Vivreau Bottler is the professional’s choice; currently the product is installed in the restaurant Six Penny, who was recently crowned Time Out Food Awards 2013’s Restaurant of the Year. The Bottler system was installed in January 2012 and is the only option of still and sparkling water that the restaurant offers. Pricing of the water is included in the per head charge, and the restaurant has reported cost saving and environmental benefits since installing the product, as well as improvement in their table presentation.

The Bottler has various installation options including floor standing, under counter, fully integrated, counter top, wall mounted or multiple dispense tap options, with the dimensions 600mm length, 600mm depth and 1355mm height (to top of dispense tap). The BRITA Vivreau Mini Bottler is another option available as a compact countertop or under bench unit for those looking for all the benefits and features of the BRITA Vivreau Bottler system, with a modern stylish design for front of house areas.

The BRITA Vivreau exclusive designer bottles are designed in an attractive carafe style bottle with a one piece cap for sealing and hygiene. The reusable bottles are dishwasher safe and available in 425ml and 750ml sizes. As well as storing still water, the sealed cap on the bottle allows bubbles in sparkling water to be retained for days.

Suited to all hospitality and catering environments, from corporate headquarters to Michelin starred restaurants, the features of the BRITA Vivreau Bottler include:
–          An all-inclusive rental program that offers affordability and regular onsite service maintenance
–          Proven cost savings versus pre-bottled waters
–          Income producing possibilities for restaurants currently serving table water
–          Continuous flow of filtered, chilled still and sparkling water
–          High performance BRITA Vivreau Icebank system delivers high volumes of chilled water at low temperatures
–          High performance BRITA Vivreau Instant Sparkling system is set to emulate pre-bottled sparkling waters
–          Dishwasher tray system support for complete hygiene cycle
–          Removable dispenser nozzles for improved hygiene
–          LED control panel with alarms for:
–          CO 2 bottle replacement
–          Mains water supply failure
–          Drip tray full
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