January 29, 2015

Cafe Pulse – Fact of the Week 1

The “Third Wave” of Specialty Coffee in Australian Café trends – David Parnham, Café Pulse

With over 15% of all surveyed cafes now having “in cafe” roasting capabilities and over 20% of all cafes nominating that they offer their own roasted blends, we strongly believe that in 2015 these in house roasting cafes can educate, foster and then grow this trend for their consumers taste of Specialty Coffee for many years to come. Many of these smaller cafe roasters are often started as micro lot specialty coffee single origins to meet the growing consumer expectation of the “Third Wave” in our Australian elite cafés which are being driven by coffee  snobs, brew bars and CBD Coffice trends” etc.

So these MICRO ROAST BUDS bloom to beautiful mid and larger ROASTER FLOWERS as we have seen in recent years at the annual Compak Golden Bean Roasters Competition and recently via the Café Culture blitz team at café street level during our very successful visits to over 3,000 café locations nationally In Nov/Dec 2014 with the rollout of the new Almond Breeze sampling and new product education project.

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