February 25, 2015

Cafe Pulse – Fact of the Week 2

+76% of all cafe owners buy something from the major grocery supermarkets

– David Parnham, Café Pulse

Sourcing your food service supplies

A recently conducted retailer survey covering all areas of our industry included one standout question: “What influences you into buying from your current wholesaler?”

You would think the answer would be discount – however, this was number three.  The number ONE reason was service; this is directly from the mouths of retailers.  They want service and yet upon speaking with wholesalers, they would say that the expectation of discounts is the number one priority.  “We do not pick up the client unless we offer the largest discount” – and yet, retailers say they want SERVICE.  Service comes at a small extra price, and cafe owners should consider their direct services provider by that of your local foodservice wholesaler vs. that of saving a dollar by purchasing their cafe needs at the grocery giants!

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