March 12, 2015

Cafe Pulse – Fact of the Week 3

 Did you know that more than 4 Billion Cups of Coffee are expected to past through ‘Out Of Home’ ( OOH ) venues in 2015

The quality and taste of freshly ground Coffee in Café is constantly improving via the Café Pulse annual survey capture of the basket / group handle sizes for most Café Espresso machines across the country.

Sydney and Melbourne lead the way with the highest uptake of double ristretto shots as standard servings in most CBD locations, whilst in Perth their Café customers are being serviced the lowest coffee gram size baskets.

What is also interesting is that the eastern sea board has the lowest 8oz standard Cappuccino prices under $3.30 to $3.61 for the past three years when compared to SA / WA at over $3.50 to $4.00 a cup of coffee in the latest round of the café pulse study.

This OOH consumption reaching +4 billion Cups means that the café industry expansion is growing at 10-15% annually year on year and remains recession proof with exciting times ahead for most smart café businesses.

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