August 13, 2015

Cafe Pulse – Fact of the Week 4

Roasters Do Not Just Service Cafés

The Annual Café Pulse research reveals exciting information about the Out Of Home ( OOH ) Coffee service points and it shouldn’t surprise Café Owners that they are not the sole focus when it comes to servicing the wider FoodService channel hunger for Coffee supply.

The below highlights the many key channel service points that Roasters supply to across Australia and this leads us to best understand the fact that Coffee is the No. 1 FoodService Beverage of choice OOH.

As we at Café Culture during the 4th Annual Surveys are learning more about the expanding Out Of Home ( OOH ) Coffee Market in Australia and we are constantly asked about how can café suppliers and café service providers segment the FoodService market to categorise them to best service these valued businesses.

Since all these OOH Businesses have Coffee, we can now split the FoodService OOH market like this

We can explain how we do it for our segmentation proposes where this may also assist your OOH business understand where you best fit in the market place

Franchised (Café, Takeaway, Restaurant) or QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) is determined by being a group of five or more outlets centrally managed

Take away is determined by Food Court location and / or small number of seating where Coffee is secondary if at all present.

Bakery Café is determined by primary business baked goods and sweets where Coffee is a secondary service offer.

1. coffee shop no deep frying under 24 seats – Espresso bar, Mobile or express cafe
2. coffee shop with deep frying over 24 seats – Small Café
3. cafe with deep frying under 24 seats / Café and / or Takeaway Coffee station
4. cafe with deep frying with a lot of seating some takeaway – Medium Café
5. cafe full on cooking and deep frying.(border line on been a restaurant) – Large Gourmet Café
6. restaurant with deep frying (subject to number of seats maybe Takeaway / QSR in Food Courts) – Small Restaurant
7. restaurant with no deep frying but wok cooking (subject to number of seats maybe Takeaway / QSR in Food Courts) – Small Restaurant
8. restaurant over 50 seats – Restaurant
9. restaurant over 100 seats – Large Restaurant
10. restaurant with white table clothes – Fine Dining Restaurant

NB – Restaurant typically is where Coffee is a Secondary focus compared to that of coffee shop and/or café

The series of Café Pulse Surveys are best designed to understand the café industry key trends and changes – Now in our 4th exciting year we ask Café Owners and Coffee Professionals to collectively complete the annual survey which takes 5 minutes maximum

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