April 20, 2017

Caffeine & Horsepower

Around five years ago we did a great article on coffee people and their autos. It was exciting to link people to a vehicle that expressed their personalities. We had some surprising rides presented, and it was a fun story that our readers talked about for years.

We thought it was time to take another look at people in the coffee industry, the personalities we see regularly, and link them to horsepower and speed that complement their highly caffeinated lifestyles.

We asked our participants about their machines, so they could tell us the technical details like horsepower, top speed and the tricked up features under the bonnet.

We were shocked to find out we had some pretty serious horsepower lovers out there in our space, and not all were the men of our industry. Terissa from The Hunter Valley Coffee Roaster impressed us all with her ride: an antique fighter plane that regularly flies her around the East Coast of NSW. She definitely won the horsepower section of this article with this amazing piece of aviation history.



Terissa Kerr-Robinson
The Hunter Valley Coffee Roaster
Engine Specs
Cylinders: 9
Configuration: Single row radial
Displacement: 985 cubic inches
15.5 Litre
Horsepower: 450 hp
RPM: 2300 rpm max
Supercharger: Single stage centrifugal with 6:1 compression ratio
Oil: Remote sump oil tank holding up to 42 L

The aircraft is an Australian designed advanced trainer built specifically for the Royal Australian Airforce. There were 63 Winjeels built between 1955 and 1957; this one, known as Number 27, was built in 1956. The aircraft operated with RAAF as a trainer from 1956 through until 1977. It was then used as a Forward Air Control aircraft, where it would co-ordinate ground attacks with Mirage and then F-18 Hornet aircraft.
The engine is an American built Pratt and Whitney 9 cylinder radial. Originally designed in the 1930s, the Pratt and Whitney 985 “Wasp Junior” went on to power many military and civil aircraft during the WWII and post war era, with over 39,000 being built. The 985 Wasp Junior and its bigger brother the 1340 Wasp developed a well deserved reputation for dependable reliability. Bringing many damaged aircraft and pilots home from hostile engagements with the enemy, sometimes even with severe battle damage, the engine would keep on running long enough to get the pilot and crew to safety. Pratt and Whitney would take on this reputation as a source of pride and it became the company’s motto: “Pratt and Whitney, Dependable Engines”.
During take-off, the Winjeel will reach 100 kph in about seven seconds, but this speed is not yet enough for flight. The Winjeel will take-off at about 110 kph. During flight, the normal speed is about 110 kts, which equates to 203 kph. The aircraft can reach speeds of up to 180 kts, pushing the needle to 330 kph.
Winjeel 27 has been with us for six years now. It has given us some fantastic experiences and some that we call “character building”. As many will know, old engines have their challenges.
“Number 27’s” most recent mission was a huge success when, at the eleventh hour, she was scrambled to fly Terissa and I to represent our coffee roasting company, “The Hunter Valley Coffee Roaster” at 2016’s Golden Bean in Port Macquarie. She then did a sterling job at transporting our Gold Medal for Australian Coffee home to the Hunter Valley.


Range Rover

Justin Humphrey
Bounce Coffee
• 2013 Range Rover Evoque
• 177 kW HP (200 soon …)
• 0 – 100 = 7.6 seconds
22 inch 30 series Pirellis, lowered, turbo charged, more engine work coming…


Andy Freeman
• Kawasaki Ninja H2R
• 326 HP (243 kW)
• 0 – 100 = 1.8 seconds
Supercharged 1000 cc. Fastest and most powerful production bike in the world. Top speed – have done 300+Kmh in testing, hoping for 350+Kmh and the Australian land speed record on the salt flats in South Australia soon.


Flinn Lambert
• BMW 320D
• 2007
• 0 – 100 = 7 secs (Easily done …)
Nickname: The Blackheart (named after Joan Jett) – just bad arse enough, but not enough to get me in trouble.
Engine: 4 cylinder, computer-controlled variable geometry 2 L turbocharger.
Modifications: All white leather seats, black piano trim interior, sports seats.


Sean Edwards
Cafe Culture International
• 2016 Jaguar F-Pace
• 340 HP
• 0 – 100 = 5.3 seconds
3 litre turbo diesel

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Essential Coffee

t. 1300 324 111 e. w. Essential Coffee provides managed coffee solutions to thousands of businesses across Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, The Middle East and United Kingdom. ...
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