Golden Bean

December 15, 2016

Coffee Brothers

Gold – Milk Based
Gold – Organic Espresso
Bronze – Milk Based
Bronze – Espresso
Bronze – Decaffeinated

In 2016 a silver medal in a category was our goal. To come away with two gold and three bronze to become equal runners up with Ona Coffee was a dream! Having the Milk Based winner is any roaster’s wish. I believe it’s just the bread and butter roast to most – the coffee blend that gets punched out day in, day out.

All of us at CB are still in shock and so happy with the results – something all our wholesale accounts are over the moon with. It’s the coffee they enjoy with their own customers every day!

Tony Macri and Mark Tyler are very thankful to all the team at CB, as we are well aware that every staff member played their part in tweaking the coffees and making this dream come true. Coffee Brothers dedicated their winnings to the success of all coffee farmers, especially the 2015 cyclone ravaged Tanna Island; Vanuatu coffee farmers, bring on 2017!

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