September 16, 2013

Coffee Brothers raise funds for Vanuatu Coffee Farmers

On Tuesday 10th September, Coffee Brothers hosted a night for the industry featuring a latte art throw down that included some fantastic Australian barista talent and also a presentation from Sam Mariawa of the INIK Co-operative.

25 talented baristas came to Mona Vale for the challenge with in-house baristas taking on baristas from Piccolo’s in Balmain, Taste Baguette in the City, ONA Coffee in Canberra, Badmanner in Paddington, and two local cafes, Foundry 53 from Manly and Waterfront Cafe at Church Point.

After several rounds and some enthusiastic chanting from the crowd local talent Matt Lakajev from Coffee Brothers finally won the competition with a free poured phoenix.
Jack Hanna from Grounds of Alexandria, latte art champion was at the event to judge the coffees and commented that latte art is now expected by customers, signifying the care that is taken in making every cup.

Owners Tony Macri and Mark Tyler brought Sam Mariawa, chairman of the Inik Farmers Co-operative on Tanna Island, to the event.  With over $1000 raised through the smackdown and also an auction the proceeds will go towards the development of the coffee industry on Tanna Island, Vanuatu and will be used to improve harvesting and processing equipment at the INIK Co-operative.

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