August 29, 2013

Extend the art of coffee

BioCup Art Series – Extend the art of Coffee

BioPak are proud to promote the Australian arts community with the first release of the BioCup Art Series. The BioCup already carries an environmental message – with paper sourced from managed plantations, and a waterproof lining made from plants not oil – this series sees them working with six artists who are also passionate about the environment, added extra impact to their core message about more sustainable consumption.

Coffee drinkers will spend time and reflect on the artists’ individual message, while building an art collection throughout the week.

There are three different cup prints in both 8oz and 12oz sizes, the cartons contain a mix of the three artworks per size. Available nationally through BioPak and approved distribution partners.


8oz cups

cup1Australian Dream by Lily Rose Dambelli
“The unique and diverse florafound on this continent is not stereotypically soft, feminine and manicured; like a common English Rose. Instead, wild and slightly eerie. Here, a Kangaroo Paw bloom is entangled with a Parsons Band Orchid, a visual comparison which honours the individuality of the Australian aesthetic.”


cup2Coastline by Jennie Holtsbaum
“My drawings evolve from observation of the detail of the land’s deterioration…The abstracted images of my art practice evoke an environment suggesting strata, erosion, loss and decay as well as implying emotion, memory and atmosphere; the visibility of the paper ground and the merest trace of line strengthens my ability to suggest a fragile and crumbling landscape. My drawings depict a metaphorical reminiscence of geological and personal memory.”


Swimming in the Sky by Jessica Bee
“I bring my imagination to life using 35mm film and vintage toy cameras. Reusing otherwise defunct equipment means my practice is sustainable. Film allows me to connect with my surroundings and bring to life a world that couldn’t otherwise exist, a place where we can swim in the sky or walk on roads of water.”


12oz cups

Brickworks by Thomas Wilcoxcup3
“Using waste to make art is an amazing transformation to me. Recycling materials creates a need for a different way of thinking about a painting.” Via Art Pharmacy


Sustainability by Mark Gerada
“Everything we use in our homes comes from somewhere. Yet everything can be designed and used in a way which minimises the footprint we leave. cup5We hear talk about this all the time, but do we really stop and think about what this actually means? In this drawing I wanted to create a complete awareness picture of where all building materials and contents come from, and how they are transported to a building site. It encourages us to think of buildings as an integral part of the landscape – if we are using timber for construction, for example, we should be replacing it as we use it..”


cup6Acacia by Annie Everingham
“I see the world in its most embryonic state, the conflict between nature’s fragility and endurance with links between life and death; tranquillity and terror; beauty and ugliness. My work is crafted around childhoods spent in the country, a love for colour and a deep affection for the native flora of the Australian bush.”


About BioPak
BioPak is an Australian owned environmentally responsible packaging company. All products are conceived, designed and manufactured with a focus on resource efficiency from cradle to grave. BioPak is an industry leader developing and producing more sustainable packaging solutions with the smallest environmental impact possible. In addition to using annually renewable plant-based and sustainably sourced raw materials, all carbon emissions associated with the production, distribution and disposal of BioPak products are offset through the purchase of carbon credits.

For more information contact BioPak on 02 8060 9000 or visit

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