Golden Bean

September 17, 2015

Golden Bean snags “the sexiest bag on the market”

We are pleased announce that Coffee Bags Pty Ltd have come on board this year as an event sponsor and very soon you’ll be receiving the competition bags to pack your entries. Peter & Carolyn from Coffee Bags Pty Ltd recognise the importance of protecting your coffee entries, and know how important it is that your entries present at the event in the best possible condition.

This years Compak Golden Bean Bags are the new Box Bottom Rippa Zippa Bag’s “the sexiest bag on the market”. They feature a wide opening for fast filling, have a flat / square bottom for ultimate stand-ability, a small shelf footprint, a resealable zip & are made with a high barrier foil for freshness. These are available in 3 sizes (250g, 500g and 1kg). When a bag grows up – it want to be a Box Bottom Rippa Zippa!

Eligibility for Entry

1.    Entry into each category must be comprised of 1 packet of roasted coffee (500g each)
2.    All beans to be provided whole
3.    Beans must be roasted in Australia
4.    Chain Store/Coffee Franchise must have at least 3 stores under the same name
5.    Must be a commercial roaster and provide ABN Number (Home Roasters Categories exempt)
6.    Home Roaster Categories – must be roasting for own use only (no commercial roasting) and coffee roaster must be valued under $5000
 Please fax Entry Forms to 02 6583 7169 or email to

Entry Process

1.    Approximately 1 month prior to the Golden Bean event we will send you 10 x Compak Golden Bean Rippa Zippa coffee bags (one per category)
2.    You will need to fill the bags with 500g of the coffee for each of the categories you are entering
3.    Heat seal the bag at the top
4.    Pull the Rippa Zippa tab from left to right and remove the strip to open the bag
5.    The Rippa Zippa bag is then re-sealable by pushing together the 2 sides of the zip
6.    Write the corresponding category number in the box provided on the bag
7.    If entering multiple coffees in one category, please mark entries with A, B or C to correspond with your entry form e.g. Category 1 Espresso 1A, 1B, 1C etc
8.    Staple your business card on to each bag to ensure we know where the coffee has come from. DO NOT write your business name on the coffee bags
9.    Return the coffee to the below address no later than Tuesday 30th September
10.    Once we receive your entries they will be coded and stored correctly ready for judging
Please send your coffee for judging to:
Compak Golden Bean Coffee Roaster Competition
1/2 Arncliffe Avenue, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

If you have questions contact the Golden Bean team on 02 6583 7163 or visit

Closing Date for entries – Tuesday 3rd November 2015 (One week prior to judging)

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