Golden Bean

January 11, 2017

Golden Beanie of the Year


Every few years here at Café Culture International we stumble upon a true industry business champion – a person whose dedication and passion to their craft is extraordinarily high. The gentleman we would like to give recognition to and place into our own hall of fame as a Golden Bean “Beanie” is Ned Schepis.

We met Ned over seven years ago, when we were seeking some real information around insurance for the café industry, which at the time was a mine field of obscurity and a risky process. Ned made the process very easy for us and since then has not only become our insurance broker with his business Just Coffee Insurance, he has also become involved in all our events. Ned loves to jump in and help us in all areas as a photographer, event speaker, entertainer, and a Golden Bean runner in the engine room.

Ned’s business is based in Western Australia, so he works an extra four hours a day than most of us, as he starts work at around 4am in Perth (to catch the Eastern Standard Time businesses in his national insurance business). Ned has designed turnkey insurance programs for mobile café business, coffee roasters and of course, cafés. He is passionate about his business and super proud at the speed he can process a claim for a business owner who hits a road block with a business disaster.
As the Managing Director of a company, I am very pleased to recommend Ned and his business Just Coffee Insurance to anyone in business who really wants the best for their future and to be able to rely on an expert who will help you through this complex process of seeking the right insurance.

Welcome aboard Ned, as our latest “Golden Beanie” – and thank you for your ongoing friendship.


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