December 1, 2016

Have you got balls?

Are you after a special little December treat to get your customers in the holiday spirit?  How about these little balls of joy?  So easy to make, and sold out of your cake fridge, could be a fun Aussie Summer treat!

“Would you like a ball of chocolate happiness with your coffee today Sir?”






Tim Tam Cheesecake Balls


Difficulty: Easy
Makes: 25


• Tim Tams
• Cream cheese
• Milk chocolate
• White chocolate *to decorate optional


STEP 1 Crush Tim Tams in a food processor, add cream cheese and mix well.
STEP 2 Roll into teaspoon sized balls. Freeze for a minimum of 30 minutes.
STEP 3 Melt milk chocolate, coat each ball well with chocolate while still frozen.
STEP 4 Melt white chocolate and drizzle over balls to decorate.


• Keep refrigerated after dipping in chocolate.

• Replace Tim Tams with any chocolate coated biscuit, give a Mint Slice a try for some minty green happiness.

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