June 14, 2018


You’re invited to help with the funeral expenses at the Santa Clara Dry Mill in Antigua where workers died in the recent volcanic eruption in Guatemala. And with medical expenses of local children who’ve suffered massive burns.


This request has come via Christine Cottrell from her friend Marta Dalton of Coffee Bird in the UK.

This request has Christine’s personal endorsement who asks that you support Marta to meet her goal of raising £10,000 for her Guatemalan friends and colleagues who are in desperate need right now. Every $10 or $20 counts. You also have Marta’s promise that 100% of these funds will go to …

1. Funeral Expenses for our friends/colleagues at the Santa Clara Dry Mill in Antigua. Many have been impacted and we want to help them grieve their losses and bury their loved ones.

2. Burnt Children Foundation of Guatemala
The road to recovery from life-changing burns will be long, and we want to support the children affected.

Marta works between Guatemala, where she works a large 6th generation family finca in Antigua with her mother, Colomba – and London, where she operates a business with her sister, Alexandra, importing quality Guatemalan beans into the UK and European.

She also heads up a Women in Coffee group called Kick Ass Ladies who meet informally over a drink or a meal in London – or wherever business takes Marta. Christine recently attended her Kick Ass Ladies breakfast at World of Coffee in Budapest. If you’re heading to World of Coffee in Amsterdam this year and would like to meet Marta, she will probably be having a similar event over there.

Go to for more information about Marta’s business, Coffee Bird and to donate to her fundraiser, click on the link below:

Christine Cottrell
0407 021 220


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