July 26, 2017

StixToGo® coffee stoppers – perfect for office coffee runs & coffee deliveries

StixToGo® products are exclusively distributed in Australasia by MBPAK. From humble beginnings to customers in all major Australian cities and a distribution partner in Auckland, New Zealand.

StixToGo are clever little stoppers (or plugs) for the lid of a takeaway coffee cup. They snap firmly into the drinking hole of a coffee lid and create a tight seal. The coffee stoppers are light in weight and fully recyclable.

Increase customer satisfaction and improve perception of your cafe with StixToGo! The benefits are threefold: Your great coffees will stay warmer for longer, no nasty spillage during transportation and the clever stoppers can even help with marketing as they will draw attention to your coffee cups. The coffee stoppers are perfect for multi-drink orders in trays and coffee deliveries (revenue driver).

Typical customer reactions to StixToGo: ‘Wow what are these?’ – ‘How considerate of you to put them in my cups!’ – ‘What a clever idea!’ – ‘These little thingies are so cute!’.

No need to be afraid of coffee margin loss. Operators who decide to implement the coffee stoppers are losing less than one cent on their coffee margins, due to the fact that the coffee stoppers end up in only 20% of coffee cups sold, on average. Good things always pay for themselves – that is why we are getting 90%+ return business for StixToGo.

The market for StixToGo in Australia and New Zealand has been created and we want you to come on board. Key market segments supplied into include: Cafes, Mobile Coffee Vans, Coffee Roasters, Bakery Cafes, Coffee Drive Thrus, Coffee Micro Chains & Coffee Franchises.

Make your customers smile and order StixToGo today! Your customers will love our clever coffee stoppers. Promise.

Visit, email or call Martin on 0478 224 895.

StixToGo® – Seal it tight, keep it hot!

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