August 30, 2013

Muffin Break launches Election Bean Poll in stores

Find out who will be the next ‘topbean’ or ‘hasbean’.

Muffin Break has launched an unofficial Election Bean Poll to offer their customers a chance to cast their vote to determine who will be the country’s next political ‘TOPBEAN’ or ‘HASBEAN.’

The brand has set up cylinders for the Labor Party, Coalition (Liberals/ Nationals), Greens, or ‘Other.’

For every purchase, customer will be given a coffee bean, which they can place in their preferred party’s cylinder.

“The Unofficial Election Bean Poll in Australia has been a remarkable barometer and forecaster of election outcomes and in 2007, the Muffin Break Unofficial Bean Poll accurately predicted the result.

“We may not be as scientific or complicated as other polls, but we think we can get the biggest and most accurate community response and we certainly have fun doing it, ” said Serge Infanti, Managing Director of Muffin Break.

In addition, the brand is encouraging local candidates to drop by their stores to get a glimpse of how they are faring in the bean poll.

“There is no better time to discuss the big issues than while relaxing with a cup of coffee. Candidates might like to take the time to get to know their electorate, and see how they are faring. We will be keeping an eye on results in marginal electorates and encouraging candidates to do some campaigning at their local store,” said Infanti.



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