Cafe Biz

May 29, 2015

Natvia Sweet Team take out the title

The Devondale World’s Richest Barista Competition with a prize pool of $50,000 saw 14 teams compete head to head in a new and exciting format over the two days at Café Biz. The challenge is designed to reproduce the pressure of what happens in great espresso bars around the world as baristas must co-operate as a team to ensure the three things that matter to coffee customers; fast service and excellent presentation whilst maintaining quality. It’s a dynamic format that gives judges, competitors and audience instant results. A colourful and energetic display of teamwork and talent from some of the world’s best baristas

After some electrifying, white knuckle rounds the grand final was set between the Natvia Sweet Team and Veneziano Coffee Roasters. With scores coming down to the last cup on the table the $35,000 first prize was taken by the Natvia Sweet Team with a very gracious Veneziano Coffee Roasters in second place with $10,000 and Espresso Room following up a close third taking away $5,000 in prize money.

You can check out some of the action at the video here of one of the Day 1 Rounds
Grinders Vs Coffeetorians

Thank you to all the teams and sponsors for making this competition a stand out success, we are looking forward to next years competition. Sponsors: Devondale, Rancilio, Compak, DaVinci, Castaway, Chux, Pentair, D’Ancap and Reg Barber Enterprises.

The full WRBC Line up included:
Mocopan Coffee
St Ali Family
Veneziano Coffee Roasters
Dramanti Artisan Roaster
Team SG (Singapore)
Team Gee Cafe (Beijing)
Grinders Coffee
Di Bella Coffee
Natvia Sweet Team
Silver Chef Hot Shots
Magnum Poolside
Espresso Room
Uncle Joe’s Coffee House

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