October 11, 2017

Nitro Brew Coffee

Nitrogen infused coffee is the biggest revolution in coffee since the Espresso Machine. It is one of the USA’s fastest growing beverage products to hit the market in recent years. In the USA the two market leaders in coffee sales, Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts have rapidly implemented Nitro Brew Coffee in the past twelve months; as 24% of their sales are now made up from Cold and Nitro Brew Coffee. Both companies have modified their menus to suit their increased sales in their cold coffee drink portfolio.

Mark from 4 & Co. a Brisbane based coffee supplier, says that “cafés are now capitalising on the popularity of Cold Brew Coffee in Australia and that Nitro Brew is the newest way for people to enjoy their coffee. Customers have identified the unique sweeter tastes of a Cold Brew over the artificial and sweetened iced coffee products that have dominated the market for many years”. Mark explains that Nitro Brew is Cold Brewed Coffee that is in infused with Nitrogen gas, to give a smooth creamy texture, without the need for milk and similar in texture to a dark stout beer.

Infusing drinks with Nitrogen is not limited to just coffee, but can often be found in teas, juices and sodas alike. Mark also explains that “there has been a surge in sale of Nitrogen infused teas, and have become very popular alongside coffee counterparts in the café scene”. Besides the amazing taste, Nitro Brew is a visually stunning drink. The Nitrogen bubbles begin to rise and fall after serving, causing a cascading effect of bubbles dancing around the edges of the glass.

Why Have Nitro Brew?

As temperatures rise across the country, cafes are looking for alternative income streams that offer high margins. Mark from 4 & Co. says that “this unique beverage offering will set you apart from your competitors and bring in new customers”. His company 4 & Co. Pty Ltd offer a wide range of optional add-ons to their systems like sparkling water, iced teas, and fruit based sodas. He also says cafés of all sizes should have the opportunity to provide their customers with these popular drinks. So, 4 & Co. have developed a range of dispensing units that will fit any size café, restaurant or bar. As some coffee roasters begin to experiment with Nitro Brew, most have gone down the path of using keg based systems. Mark from 4 & Co. says that “he has worked with an American beverage company to develop a unique bag-in-box system”. Delivering the product in a bag is said to reduce wastage, maximise product freshness and is more cost effective. Mark believes his system delivers a 90% lower carbon footprint over kegs and is easier and safer to use. Mark says that “orders have increased exponentially over the past few months and that cafes should consider Nitro Brew prior to the summer months beginning.”

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