Golden Bean

September 1, 2014

Pat Connolly – Wingman

Head judge – Pour Over Filter Category 7

Pat Connolly is an experienced member of Australia’s specialty coffee industry with a solid career across all elements of coffee, spanning 13 years. A former state barista champion and national finalist, the progression to coffee roaster in 2011 came naturally.

Pats resume includes the management and design of both small and large cafes as well as consultation services to businesses serious about engaging and developing their brand in the specialty coffee industry.

His current role as roaster, cupper and green bean purchaser with Veneziano Coffee Roasters sees Pat consult with R Certified Indian coffee growers in developing unique processing methods and taste profiles to suit Australian coffee consumers..

His extensive roasting knowledge has also seen Pat lead the Veneziano roasting team to being awarded multiple medals across almost all Golden Bean Categories.

Other facets of Pat’s career include roaster and coach for Veneziano’s baristas at a state, national and world competition level, guest roaster for SCAA workshops and cupping courses in Australia, brewer’s cup judge and he has also been recently awarded Roasters Guild Champion 2014.


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