Golden Bean

January 19, 2017

Peak Coffee Australia’s Methods Create Madness – Silver Medal

Espresso – Silver (Methods Create Madness)
Espresso – Bronze (Goat Slayer)
Milk Based – Bronze (Goat Slayer)

With the success of the previous year’s silver medal winning blend, I was determined to find my place in Golden Bean 2016, blending and cupping over and over again, trying to perfect the flavour and working with our green bean direct trader for excellent quality results. More research and experimenting finally led me to change the way I typically roasted. This led to the creation of something that was absolute madness and would have been considered crazy by everyone else around me; that’s where the name came from. This was the process in my search of the ultimate espresso coffee.

The first thing one will notice above all else will not be the flavour, but rather the balance – just the right amount of sweetness, acidity and body, that leaves you wanting more. Then come flavours of fresh fruits with a delicious sweet, strawberry finish.

Ainsley Harrison – Roaster – Peak Coffee

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