November 8, 2017

Gladstone local awarded International Barista Champion

How long have you been working at TCC?

In January, it will be four years!


Has coffee always been your passion?

Coffee has been my passion for a long time – maybe 10 years.

I like the creative and technical sides of it – it’s science and art combined.

My go-to shapes are tulips or hearts because they’re relatively easy. When it gets super busy, you don’t want to be spending too much time on it!


How long have you been working in the industry?

I’ve been in the hospitality industry for many, many years.


Where was the event held?

The comps were held at TCC’s head office in Brisbane on October 31.


When did you apply for the award? / How long has the process been?

It started in February with the first rounds.

On the 2nd of June, I was awarded the national champion, which automatically placed my in the international comp. There I was up against the national winners from Thailand, Indonesia, UAE, NZ and Australia.


How did you feel when your name was called out?

It was shock and disbelief at first, there was only half a point between myself and second place so it could have easily been someone else.

Since winning the award, I’ve felt joy and pride and everything that goes with it. I’m still adjusting to the win!


What has been the most exciting part of this journey for you?

It’s all been a great experience – being from regional QLD, it’s been fantastic for me to be able to have this opportunity, to develop my skills and further inspire my passion.


In the competition you get critiqued by some of the world’s best baristas, which was just incredible. Having them give me feedback on my work was all that I could have asked for.


You also get an all-expenses paid trip to Brisbane – last year I came third in the nationals so this year I hoped to become third as well. I thought to myself, if I’m on the podium, that’s brilliant, so to take out the national and international award has been amazing.


As well as the trophy, I won some visa gift cards, a mocca master and some coffee as well.



Nov 3 – Friday 1pm onwards

Nov 4 – Saturday 12pm onwards

Nov 5 – Sunday 2pm onwards

Nov 6 – Monday 2pm onwards

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